Better Buildings Partnership Event Tackles Best Practice Leasing

The Better Buildings Partnership hosted its first major event with UNSW Faculty of Law and industry leaders Wednesday, 14 March, to address the current market impediments and solutions for Best Practice Leasing.

Emlyn Keane, chair of the tenant/owner collaboration technical working group, charged the diverse group of tenants, leasing agents, owners, operators, representatives and lawyers to holistically identify the barriers and consider actions to overcome resistance to signing up to best practice leases. The morning workshop heard from Professor Sue Bright of Oxford University about international precedence in the space. Sydney University’s Richard de Dear spoke about the complexities surrounding occupant comfort. Craig Roussac from Investa about the key barriers identified in the Sydney and Australian markets.

Following the active workshop sessions, the collective outcomes clearly laid out the next steps for the industry to tackle and engaged a group of leaders ready to collaborate.

You can listen to each of the event speaker sessions or download the presentations below.

Event attendees provided their views of the barriers, opportunities and way forward in terms of encouraging best practice leasing. Gain an insight into what the industry had to say and get involved in the discussion by viewing and commenting on the best practice leasing vox pop interviews.

Presentation by Professor Susan Bright, Oxford UniversityDownload PDF | 3mb
Green leases: international best practice

Presentation by Professor Richard de Dear, University of SydneyDownload PDF | 3mb
Productivity outcomes and the tenant environment

See the industry views