DEXUS head office becomes carbon neutral leader

from a Low Carbon Australia press release, dated 29 February 2012

In a first for an Australian real estate investment trust, the head office of DEXUS Property Group has been certified carbon neutral.

Low Carbon Australia CEO Meg McDonald congratulated the diversified property group for achieving the Australian Government backed accreditation.

“Low Carbon Australia is pleased to welcome DEXUS Property Group as the newest member of our Carbon Neutral Network,” she said.

“By reducing and offsetting carbon emissions in its head office at 343 George Street, Sydney, DEXUS is setting a standard for others in the property investment trust sector to follow.”

Victor Hoog Antink, CEO and Executive Director of DEXUS Property Group, said the decision to become carbon neutral at the head office was part of an overall commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

“This carbon neutral certification demonstrates DEXUS’s market leadership in sustainability and energy efficiency and is part of a set of sustainability goals we have adopted,” Mr Hoog Antink said.

“Education of our people was a key element to DEXUS becoming carbon neutral. The reduction strategies we have put in place in our head office provide us with a great opportunity to engage with our people about the contribution they can make to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at work.” he said.

DEXUS’s work to achieve carbon neutral certification included assessing its energy usage and developing a sustainability strategy which focuses on reducing waste to landfill, increasing recycling, increasing the use of recycled products, reducing its use of consumables and paper and introducing new technologies to reduce energy consumption.

DEXUS is purchasing and retiring carbon credits to offset direct emissions created through refrigeration and electricity usage and indirect emissions such as landfill waste, paper use, airline travel and car mileage for national employees, taxi travel and hire cars.

It has upgraded elements within its IT department to reduce energy consumption, measure and communicate employee printing through the MyPrint program and is examining ways to further improve energy monitoring and lighting.

The Carbon Neutral Program is a voluntary scheme which certifies products or business operations as carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Download the full Press Release from Low Carbon Australia