About The Better Buildings Partnership

Objectives of the Better Buildings Partnership

  • To work collaboratively to improve the sustainability of Sydney’s commercial and public sector buildings and to help facilitate the achievement of Sustainable Sydney 2030 goals
  • To improve the energy, water and waste efficiency of buildings within the City’s Local Government Area
  • To facilitate the rollout of, and connection to green infrastructure, such as the proposed trigeneration and recycled water networks
  • To engage with regulators and governments on key environmental policy and regulatory issues
  • To champion and promote the objectives and outcomes of the Better Buildings Partnership and Sustainable Sydney 2030 to the wider community and relevant stakeholders.

To achieve these broad program objectives a series of immediate, intermediate and ultimate goals have been established.

  • In the immediate term, the program will build the capacity of stakeholders to drive sustainability across their operations, by increasing their skills and knowledge and by harnessing their interest.
  • In the intermediate term, the program will engage stakeholder audiences around the wider benefits of sustainability and corporate citizenship. Members will be encouraged to participate in planning and decision-making for projects contributing to Sustainable Sydney 2030.
  • Ultimately, the program will inspire the broader population of the city and Australia‚Äôs built environment industry and will lead market transformation of the city centre. Sydney will be seen as a global leader for best practice in sustainability in buildings, precincts and urban development.

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Sustainable Sydney 2030

Sustainable Sydney 2030 is the City of Sydney’s vision for a Green, Global, and Connected City. To help realise this vision the City of Sydney has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030 (from 2006 levels).

A number of key initiatives including the Better Buildings Partnership will help deliver this ambitious target and deliver sustainable outcomes in a push for Sydney to be Australia’s low-carbon capital.