Tenant / Owner collaboration

The Better Buildings Partnership is leveraging the collaboration of Sydney’s building owners and tenants in order to accelerate sustainability outcomes for the property industry. The Partnership acts on opportunities to build awareness amongst building owners, existing, and prospective tenants of the benefits and actions for improving sustainability outcomes in office fit-outs and daily operations.

The working group’s March 2012 symposium defined the barriers to best practice commercial leasing across the different stakeholders in the industry. The session, co-hosted with the University of New South Wales Faculty of Law, examined the issues and opportunities in the negotiation process for creating improved occupant outcomes. The workshop featured renowned international expert and Oxford University Professor Sue Bright and thermal comfort specialist Professor Richard de Dear of Sydney University. In the event, the views of the industry and actions required to improve the uptake of best practice leasing were established. An event summary and the presentations are available, and for insight into what the industry had to say, view the event vox pop interviews.

To facilitate change in the leasing market, the BBP has just released a tool for agents, occupiers and operators. The Lease Lifecycle Tool outlines and connects the industry to the most relevant expertise and resources available, and establishes an expectation of inclusiveness and partnership for professionals involved in commercial office leasing. This tool is an evolving piece of work that represents the collaboration of the industry. Feedback should be directed to Ben Thomas.

In addition to addressing the barriers to best practice leasing, the working group is focusing on engaging existing tenants through CitySwitch, piloting vertical communities, and tackling the waste from commercial fitout construction.