BBP Water Connection Guidelines
The Better Buildings Partnership provided technical and commercial input into the City of Sydney decentralised water master plan. This strategy aims to identify precinct-level water efficiency and re-use opportunities for new and existing buildings, and tap into the range of water efficiency and re-use initiatives that already exist across the member portfolios.

The Water Technical Working Group has additionally released Connection Guidelines for Preparing a Building for Recycled Water. These guidelines outline the considerations and practical needs for building owners and facilities managers to specify the upgrade of assets for recycled water. They have been written on the premise that:

  • An off-site recycled water scheme would be designed to supply non potable water of a quality that is fit for the purpose of cooling tower, toilet flushing and irrigation without requiring the need to change the existing cooling tower, toilet and urinals.
  • The cost of connecting an existing building to a recycled water network is minimised by undertaking the required plumbing upgrades incrementally during planned building refurbishment. Capability to connect to recycled water can be built into the retrofit scope in advance of the recycled water scheme being completed.
  • As soon as the recycled water supply network is built, the buildings that have been retrofitted for receiving the recycled water from an off-site scheme will be ready to connect to the network.